Take Charge ..Be unstoppable with Ribcon

Ribcon Industries are one of the leading manufacturers of adult diapers in India. We have collaborated with best brands in the world to provide high quality products to our golden agers to make their life comfortable and enjoyable. We believe in the mission of contributing towards providing a cozy and complacent atmosphere to our senior citizens so that they can enjoy the best moments of their life without worrying.

We understand that problem of incontinence can be a big hindrance in leading a normal life style and a person may even loose confidence .With Ribcon adult diapers, they can have a relaxed life and can enjoy every moments of their lives without any anxiety.

We are sourcing the material from the world’s eminent brands like Sap from Formosa, Taiwan, pulp from International paper, USA and Spandex from Korea, and thus not compromising on the quality of the end product. We are constantly working towards refining the quality of our diapers so that our adults always feel loved and cared.

Our manufacturing unit is located in Mundka, Delhi. We will be launching under pads and sanitary pads very soon.

We manufacture diapers in varying sizes to ensure comfort fit, hygiene and guarantee a leakage protection upto 12 hours. Ribcon objective is to bring confidence back in the lives of our seniors’ citizen so that they can take charge of their lives and be unstoppable.

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